Go From blank page to published in 7 days with us live!!!

Go From Blank Page to Published In The 7 Day Book Challenge

  • ​JANUARY 3RD 2022

The Next Challenge Start Dates! Daily Live Q&A Calls Included!!

The Next Challenge Start Dates! Daily Live Q&A Calls Included!!

"Get more done on your book in 7 days than you’ve done in the last 7 years!"

THAN YOU'VE DONE im the last 7 years!"

  • Smash through writer's blocks and go from blank page to published in 7 days or less.
  • Slash the time to write a book from months to days with recipes, worksheets and templates that take the guesswork out of writing a book
  • ​Whip your book out lightning fast with the help of Jarvis® the AI copywriting assistant
  • ​Get more clients, customers, and consulting gigs faster than ever by becoming the Go-To Expert
  • ​​Extract the book that’s been sitting in your head for years and finally hold it in your hand.
  • ​​Bring your ideal customers to you on a silver platter by helping them solve their problem through your book
  • ​Save time and don’t waste money by getting access to the best professional Rolodex of editors, designers, publishers
  • ​Push towards your goals and click 'Publish" with weekly calls and monthly challenges that give you the best high level Jarvis knowledge

Zachariah Stratford is one of the Managing Partners at TheBookPatch.com which has been publishing since 2009, with over 70,000 books published, and millions of copies printed. 

Working for years helping Authors publish their books at The Book Patch, Zachariah saw firsthand how difficult it is for people to actually hit the publish button and start selling their books. 

That was the reason for working with Darby to create this 7 day challenge. 

To take people from blank page to published in under 7 days.


Here's What Our Challenge Grads Have to Say:

"If it wasn't for them and the 7 day book challenge, I would not be able to call myself an Author"

"Thanks to one of the gentleman who came on board I was able to bang out my book outline in like under an hour. That removed close to 5 years of work when I was trying to do it on my own"
Natalie Tischler - 7 Day Challenge Grad "Lifelong Dream Achieved"
"Writing book was always something I thought would be cool to do, but not until I was 50 or had "enough" expertise.

The 7 Day Book Challenge made it doable! It was like a "rip the Band-Aid off and JUST DO IT challenge!"

Tyler Shaule - 7 Day Challenge Grad Now a Published Author!!
"I think format of a challenge is great. That's the way to do it. The accountability was nice! To be a part of a cohort of people moving forward in the challenge together... that was fun!"
LEIBEL STERNBACH - 7 Day Challenge Grad
"Going through the 7 day challenge, and hearing from experts, and hearing from other people that are going through the same things and sharing that journey was extremely liberating and helpful"
"I didn’t even start using Jarvis® until day 3 and start working on my book until about day 3. Even then I finished the whole thing in about 3 days."
"I really enjoyed the creative process of going through this. What was great was the concept of the MVB (Minimum Viable Book). I’ve used that in my marketing world, where we create minimum viable products, and get them out there, and get them reviewed, and make them better afterwards. I’d never thought about doing that for my book"

Learn How to Use State of the Art AI Technology to Smash Through Writers Block

Learn How to Use 
State of the 
Art AI Technology 
to Smash Through Writers Block

"I had wanted to write a book for years but was never able to get it out of my head. 

When I started using AI, everything changed. The tools I found helped me smash through my writer's block and put my expertise onto paper.

Not a full-blown novel, but a foundation I was proud to present to potential clients to share my story.

Now, after seeing what other author's have been able to accomplish using these same tools, I want to help thousands more get their book out of their head and into the world.

It all starts with The 7 Day Book Challenge." 
- Darby Rollins, Author of Published with Jarvis

6 Best Selling Authors Teach You Their Secrets

I know just learning how to use the AI to smash through your writers block and finish your book is an AMAZING course by itself!

But I wanted to give you more!

What else would you need to absolutely crush this challenge? 

How about Best Selling Authors Coaching you? 

We are bringing on some of the BEST Authors and marketers in the world to teach you their secrets!!

Learn more about them below!!!

Meet Your Coaches!

...There are literally NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

Matthew Thrush - 200+ Best Selling Books 
Matthew has written 200+ bestselling books to date. He and his partners have launched 1-,000+ books and authors to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, or Amazon Best-Seller lists. He hosts 3-day workshops teaching authors, experts, coaches, consultants, practitioners, speakers, & thought leaders how to turn their ideas into a Bestselling Idea, map out and outline their book, and write it in just a weekend. For those wanting a more turnkey and white glove experience, Matthew provides a Done-For-You option for a limited number of qualified clients each year that I partner with to write their book and/or launch it to Best Seller.
Michael Alden - 3x WSJ & USA Today Best Selling Author
CEO, entrepreneur and 3 time Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. He was named by the Boston Business Journal as one of Boston’s “40 Under 40” and was a winner of SmartCEOs Future 50 awards based on his accomplishment of growing a multi-million dollar marketing firm ranked by Inc. Magazine for three years in a row as one of the nation’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies. 

His internationally best selling books are Ask More, Get More, 5% More and Blueprint to Business.
Ron Lynch - 4 Billion Dollar Man - Best Selling Author
He's had a hand in GoPro, OxiClean, Samsung Powerbot Vacuums, Rug Doctor and hundreds of consumer goods from day one launch. He can teach your customers how to become exponential selling machines through truth, demonstrations and results.

His background is launching over 70 brands and 300 products and see how we have become industry leaders in perfecting financial models online before moving to television to maximize speed to market and explosive growth for your innovation. 
John S. Rhodes - Published Over 140 Books
John has written and published over 140 books. For the last 12 years he has done professional work in direct marketing, business strategy and improving the customer experience. John believes you can make more money and grow your business using my simple systems, practical outsourcing methods and proven internet marketing strategy.
Craig Handley - Best Selling Author
An entrepreneur, speaker, musician, and philanthropist. He believes in “living life like an extreme sport.”

An expert in Hispanic Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, and Sales and Brand expansion, Handley is the CEO and founder of the hugely successful “Listen Up Espanol,” which was named #1 in Business Products and Service (#27 overall) on Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 list. Handley’s businesses employ over 1,000 employees and have cumulatively done over 500 million in sales within the last five years to Hispanics in the USA.
Justin Breen - Best Selling Author
Author of "Epic Business" is the No. 1 International Best Selling book written by BrEpic Founder/CEO Justin Breen. The book, which launched May 7 and was an Amazon Best Seller in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Japan, details how Breen founded BrEpic and turned it into a public relations powerhouse working with amazing visionary clients around the world. It reveals 30 secrets Breen learned from some of the world's top entrepreneurs and how he applied them to building his company.
Dan Schwartz - Millionaire Real Estate Coach
Dan has helped thousands of real estate entrepreneurs systemize their business. After learning the hard way growing his own real estate business, he created InvestorFuse and the 8020 Investor Academy to help investors automate the messy stuff and focus on what matters. As a master of systems and process in business, Dan is applying his knowledge to help you organize your thoughts and get your book to the finish line.
James Victore - artist, author, and activist
James Victore is an artist, author, and activist who teaches people how to illuminate their individual gifts in order to achieve personal greatness. Described as part Darth Vader, part Yoda, James Victore is the designer and creative thought leader whom people look to to find clarity and purpose in their life and work. James is widely known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about design and its place in the world. At the helm of his independently run design studio, James continually strives to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable; work that tows the line between the sacred and the profane. James’ work has been exhibited (twice!) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide including the Louvre in Paris, the Stedelijk in Amsterdam and the Library of Congress. He has an Emmy, a gold and silver medal from the Art Directors Club, and a Grand Prix from the Brno Biennale amongst others. His clients include Adobe, MailChimp, Starbucks, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Aveda, Time and Esquire Magazines, Moet & Chandon, Yohji Yamamoto and The City of New York. His new book, “Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life” (Chronicle) will change your life.
Chuck Hogan - certified concierge neuro-strategist
Chuck Hogan is a certified concierge neuro-strategist with 18 years of experience working with individuals, organizations, and corporations to live their best lives. It is his calling to assist anyone who is committed to growing, stretching, achieving, and attaining new levels of progress and fulfillment. Let’s not forget there is a science to achievement but an at to fulfillment. This thrive and not survive ideology is one of the cornerstones of Chuck’s strategy for success.
Andrew Kap - experienced entrepreneur
Andrew Kap is an experienced entrepreneur and the #1 best-selling author of the book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need To Read. Andrew has helped thousands of entrepreneurs discover how to attract and manifest the money, relationships, health, and success they've always dreamed of.

It's Time to Get That Idea Out of Your Head and Into a Finished Book

"It's Time to Get That 
Idea Out of Your Head 
and Into a Finished Book"

Running an Online Publishing Company, I like to keep up to date on the latest and greatest when it comes to publishing and writing.

When my good friend Darby started posting on Facebook about this AI writing platform for copywriting and sales copy I was intrigued to say the least. 

He then wrote a book in 72 hours and launched a 7 day book writing challenge for a very small, select group of entrepreneurs friends of ours.

I was in! I have about 5 different book ideas in my head that I had never done anything with. Here was my chance! I had to get at least one done! 

Which one did I pick!? You will find out when you take this course!

After completing the first challenge and seeing that 13 other regular people (not Authors) completed their course, I had to bring it to the other Authors and the world!

So we re-packaged the course, added a TON of content and support for you, brought in some Best Selling Authors to help coach and teach, and VOILA!

That's what you're getting here!
Darby Rollins: JArvis® Certified expert
Darby is an entrepreneur, author, and drummer living in Austin, Texas. He's spent the better part of his entrepreneurial journey helping brands tell their story, build relationships, and ultimately sell more products. When he's not nerding out on marketing or using AI to empower people to write books, he's drumming or search the streets of Austin for the next-best taco truck in town. After challenging himself to write a book in a weekend and then another just after in 24 hours, he's set a goal to help 10,000 more people in 2021 write, edit, and publish books using AI.

A secret society of authors powered by ai & Book Writing Course, on Steroids

Here's What You're Getting

Jarvis Underground: 7-Day Book Writing Challenge - Using AI
- This challenge is the challenge you've been waiting for to complete your book! 
- Includes daily calls to keep your eye on the prize and keep you motivated.
- Expert Coaches take you from idea in your head to published book in 7 days
- Coaching Credentials: 6 Best Selling Authors and $4+ Billion in product sales
- Private Facebook Group for group members to ask questions and get support while the challenge is live
Don't go in to this challenge alone - we're all in this together
Find your accountabilibuddy in this private Facebook Group! Includes members of the 7 Day Book Challenge and The AI Author Book Club ready to connect and guide you through this challenge. 
Access to AI AUTHOR TEMPLATES & WorkbookS
We're giving you a fully editable, online digital workbook to follow along with as you do the course. Make easy edits and changes if you need to down the road and always see the map ahead!!
3D Book Cover Creation on Completion of Challenge
Market like the Pro you are with a 3D book cover! Once your book cover is complete we will take it and turn into a 3D version for you to use throughout your marketing.
Use Jarvis® to its FULL potential without worrying about wasting time or words! We're giving you access to training from the top Jarvis® Certified Experts along with 10,000 FREE words so you can focus on getting your book OUT of your head and ON to paper!
How much?
join the challenge today for just $997
or Two Payments of $597
(membership includes 30 Days unlimited access to all live coaching calls & recordings) 
YES... for about the price of a dinner out, you can take the guesswork out of publishing your next book with monthly access to the EXACT framework from top Jarvis® Certified Experts, Best-Selling Authors, 13+ years experience in publishing over 70,000+ titles... all alongside a community of AI Authors who are pioneering the future of publishing.
Remember what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker?
"With great power comes great responsibility."

"Using Jarvis® is Like Having Your Own Ghostwriter"

Here are just SOME of the tools we coach so you get the most out of your Jarvis® subscription as a member of The Writing With Jarvis® 7 Day Book Challenge Official Community:

When You Get Your ALL-ACCESS Ticket for "The WRITING WITH JARVIS® 7 Day Book Challenge" For Just $997 or two payments of $597

You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Total Value: $297
"If it wasn't for them and the 7 Day Book Challenge, I would not be able to call myself an Author. Thanks to one of the gentleman who came on board I was able to bang out my book outline in under an hour. That removed close to 5 years of work when I was trying to do it on my own!" - Michael Alexander Hale
Get This FREE With Your Membership! 
Bonus #2 - premium recipes, worksheets & templates
Slash the time to write a book from months to days with RECIPES, worksheets and templates that take the guesswork out of writing a book WITH JARVIS®
Total Value: $149
The key strategy here is you don't waste ANY time! We have created a super easy to use digital workbook for you to fill out, use throughout the course and re-use for your next book, templates from best-selling authors, and exclusive recipes made by Jarvis® Certified Experts. These tools are easy to use and will keep you on track hitting your publishing goals.
Get This FREE With Your Membership! 
Bonus #3 - 3D Book Cover Creation
makes your book sizzle on the shelf
Total Value: $57
Market like the Pro you are with this 3D book cover! Once your book cover is complete we will take it and turn into a 3D version for you to use throughout your marketing.
Get This FREE With Your Membership! 
Bonus #4 - Exlusive tools, tips & recipes brought to you by jarvis® certified experts + 10,000 BONUS words
top jarvis® training, coaching, and accountability using the hottest  ai writing toos on the market
Total Value: $497
Use Jarvis® to its FULL potential without worrying about wasting time or words! We're giving you access to training from the top Jarvis® Certified Experts along with 10,000 FREE words so you can focus on getting your book OUT of your head and ON to paper!
Get This FREE With Your Membership! 

30-DAY Money Back Guarantee

We don’t like wishy-washy, conditional or complicated guarantees, so we’ll keep this simple:

On the rare chance that you’re not satisfied with our Writing With Jarvis Challenge, just contact us and you’ll get your money back, hassle-free.

We’d be shocked if this is the case...but if you’re not happy, drop us a line. You’ll get your money back and we can still be friends.
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Join The Writing With Jarvis 7 Day Book Challenge.

join now to lock in founding member pricing at $997 or two payments of $597 

YES Zachariah! Give Me Instant Access To The 7 Day Book Challenge Course and  RIGHT NOW For Just $997 and SAVE 20%
  • Daily Live Jarvis Training & Coaching Calls From 12-1 PM CST During Every Monthly Challenge Plus On-Going Weekly Calls For Accountability & Insider Secrets (Value $997)
  • Full Access To The Private Challenge Community (Value $297)
  • Access to Templates Digital Workbooks (Value $149)
  • ​3D Book Cover Creation on Completion of Challenge (Value $57)
  • Exclusive Tools, Tips & Recipes Brought To You By Jarvis Certified Experts & Best-Selling Authors ($497)
Total Value: $1,997!!!!
Get Started Today For Just $997 or Two Payments of $597
YES Zachariah! Give Me Instant Access To Writing With Jarvis: The 7 Day Book Challenge RIGHT NOW For Just $997 (SAVE 20%) or Two payments of $597

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Everything You're Going To Get
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 Step #2: Billing Address
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  • Jarvis Underground: 7 Day Book Challenge (30 Day Access) - Using AI (Value $997)
  • Live Q&A Calls 12-1 PM CST Included!
  • Full Access To The Private Challenge Community (Value $297)
  • Jarvis Underground: 7 Day Book Challenge Worksheets (Value $97)
  • ​3D Book Cover Creation (Value $57)
  • ​Weekly Jarvis® Training, Coaching, & Accountability (Value $497)
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