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There are millions of people who have always wanted to write a book but never seem to get around to it. 

The fact is, most books never make it past the would-be author's head and onto paper. 

This is because we can be so overwhelmed by all of the steps that need to be taken before we get into actually writing our story down on paper that we give up without even getting started. 

Every published author (and would-be published author) knows how daunting the task of writing a book from scratch can feel. 

But I'm here with some good news: there is one way to get over your fear of getting started and overcoming obstacles along the way:

Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club!
What's Writing With Jarvis Insider's Club?
Writing a book is a faster and far more credible way to gain recognition in your industry and be seen as the 'go-to' expert than posting a million videos to YouTube or cold-messaging ‘prospects’ until the cows come home.

Whether you’re a published author or just beginning your journey, having a book will position you as an authority in your industry and build rapport with your target audience.

Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club is for authors, entrepreneurs, writers, marketers, coaches, consultants, and experts who want to write, publish, and promote a book that positions them as an authority in their industry, establishes credibility, and generates leads to grow their business.

Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club is ESPECIALLY for business owners who want to get their book OUT of their head and ON to paper.

If you’ve wanted to write a book for years but never had the time or were daunted by the task (rightfully so)...

There's a popular Chinese proverb that says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The best time to START writing your book is TODAY and a WELL POSITIONED BOOK is an asset you can leverage in your business to increase your authority, reputation, and influence with new customers and clients in any industry.

Your book brings your unique personality to life and delivers your expertise to the hands of prospects and readers who want to learn more about what you have to say.
It might be the BEST marketing asset you will produce for your brand and business…
Now, there’s a process to writing books…

Be careful NOT to be distracted by all the shiny objects that steer you away from focus and get your book written, edited, published, and launched.

Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club is an interactive book club for action-taking authors or soon-to-be authors who harness the power of Jarvis and artificial technology to get their book out of their head and onto paper FAST.
This Club Is For You If:
  • You want a book that builds authority in your field or industry.
  • You want a book that leads to more sales of your core offer.
  • ​​You want a book that roadmaps my content for blog posts, videos, podcasts… anything.
  • You want a book because it’s a personal challenge that you want to achieve.” (ex. become a published author.
  • ​You want a book to nurture deep rapport with your audience.
  • ​You want a book that gets your story discovered by new audiences.
  • You want a book to land more paid speaking engagements to increase you influence and spread your message.
  • You want a book that leaves a legacy.
There’s a lot of reasons you might want a book. The way I see it, at the end of the day, a well-crafted book works for you 24/7 to generate leads into your business and prime ideal clients to show up banging down your door with their credit cards out ready to work with you.

Books are the cornerstone for positioning your unique offers to the market.

In my experience, the RIGHT offer, presented at the RIGHT time, to the RIGHT buyer, is the easiest sell in the world. Your book should do the hard work of marketing and pre-selling your offer, so that by the time a book buyer inquires about your services, they are already sold on what you have to offer and might only have a couple questions that can be answered through text, chat, or email.

Often I find business owners and entrepreneurs giving out time on their (or their sales teams) calendars for hour-long “discovery” calls or “strategy sessions” to close their big ticket offers.

The problem with this is that the folks (in my experience) who want their problem solved fast and have the money to pay for it, don’t want to sit through an hour-long “discovery” call. 

Much less an hour-long webinar pitch to get them on this call!
Again, I’m only speaking from my experience, but in today’s 3-second world, people don’t have time to hop on calls willy-nilly to get sold by a “high ticket closer”.

The real ‘Movers and Shakers’ making things happen in the business world have an abundance of MONEY and understand that TIME is their most valuable asset.

(This is important for what we’re going to be covering here, I promise)

Whether you are selling a $10 widget or a $50k mastermind, your book is going to put you and your offer in front of folks who have a decision to make: “Do I want to pay someone to help me solve this problem that I bought the book to help me better understand and solve… or am I going to do it on my own?”

There’s a lot of folks who will take a book and run with it, execute, and reap the rewards.

There’s also a lot of folks who will buy a book to gain insight into a process they know they need, and if the author of the books shows them step-by-step they can help them with their problem, they’d prefer to simply hire that person to solve their problem rather than spend the time, money, and energy doing it themselves.

Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club shows you exactly HOW to write a nonfiction book FAST. What you do with it is up to you. Transparently, if you are the type of person who wants to work with the WHO that can get stuff done, we can help with that, too.

From writing to editing to formatting to publishing to selling and enrolling new clients into your big-ticket offers…

That’s what WE do, and the unbashful intention of this book club is to provide so much value to you on the process we’ve developed alongside Jarvis that you are blown away and want to work with us at a higher level to build your Big Ticket Book Machine.

Inside Big Ticket Book Machine, we help you go beyond just publishing and actually get your book in the hands of your ideal clients while helping you sell more of your big-ticket products and services.

I’ll get off my soapbox for now, but I wanted to get that out of the way so that we are on the same page. 

Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club is going to give you the proven process for getting it done on your own with the help of artificial intelligence to smash through writer’s block and accelerate the process.

Just know we are here for you if you’ve got a big-ticket offer that you want to use the book to sell more of. :-)

Now, let’s get back into the AI book writing side of the equation...
Skeptics, Read This:
I get it. You might be skeptical about the idea of writing a book with artificial intelligence, and rightfully so.  But since you're here, I'm assuming you are already sold on Jarvis and learning how to use it to write books.

But when people think of writing a book, they often stop themselves for one of the following reasons:

“I don't have enough time."

“I don't know enough."

Maybe you lack self-confidence?

"I'm not a good writer"

"No one cares about what I think"

"I'm too busy with my current business to focus on that right now."

"It's too overwhelming!"

"Let me think about it..."

In fact, I'm sure you could add many more reasons why not to do this yourself.

Now a question I want to ask YOU is: how much longer are you going to keep putting off your book... day after day... week after week... month after month... and you NEVER publish your book...

I don't want to get morbid here, but EVERYONE dies...

You could die tomorrow...

Who's going to tell your story?

What legacy have you left on this world?

You're probably asking yourself: Is this for me?

If any of these apply to you, then this Club is for YOU.

You've always wanted to write a book but you just don't know where to start.

You want an easy way to establish your authority as an expert in your field.

You want to connect with a group of like-minded people and learn from them too.

You want to leave a legacy instead of just being forgotten...

You know that a book can help you to build relationships with people and open doors for new opportunities and income streams.

With this technology and our proven process, you can write your book in weeks or days, not months or years - if you choose to join the Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club.

If you do your research and put in the work, your book will be more popular than you ever imagined because of tools like Jarvis and others we teach and train. 

Plus, you can still be creative with your book even if you're using AI - that's the whole point!

Love it or hate it, this is the future. 

How we harness the power of tools like Jarvis is up to us. Remember what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in Spiderman?

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

How This Book Club Is Different
Use the Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club as your guide to focus on what YOU need to do each day of your 7 Day Book Challenge.

The goal of the Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club, and The 7 Day Book Challenge, is not to have a PERFECT book… but a PUBLISHED book that is the MVB (Minimum Viable Book) edition of your book that you can use to get into the hands of your Advanced Readers to give critical feedback on your book so that you can continue to refine and improve on your book NOW rather than putting it off for weeks, months, or years down the line.

By leveraging the power of Jarvis and our expert training, you too can join the ranks of authors who are pioneering the process of writing and publishing books at lightning-fast speed - sometimes in 7 days or less!

When you join the Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club you get access to weekly mastermind calls, monthly 7 Day Book Challenges, expert Jarvis training, and a direct line of support to our exclusive network and resources to help you go from where you are at now, to where you want to be - Published With Jarvis!

Use this book club as a premium resource and place to reference quickly and then get back to writing!

I recommend you set dedicated time aside during the week to focus on your book and block out all distractions. 

The less stress, the better. Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club also comes with a private community of AI authors for you to join and interact with during your process.

We coordinate and host live 7 Day Book Challenges for groups on a monthly basis. 
The live challenges follow the structure laid out in the book Published With Jarvis and are where we continue to improve on the process and update YOU as an Insider.
History Of The 7 Day Book Challenge and Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club
After writing my first book with Jarvis and publishing it on Amazon in under 72 hours to holding a copy in my hand less than a week from when I started, I shared exactly how I did it with the community of early adopters and kicked off the first 7 Day Book Challenge.

Since then, I've joined forces with my partner Zachariah Stratford who has helped publish over 70,000 titles at his company, The Book Patch.

Together, we combine the best of what I know as a Jarvis Certified Expert with critical publishing knowledge from years of experience at The Book Patch to bring you everything you need to write, publish, and sell your book.

The Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club and The 7 Day Book Challenge are designed to accelerate the speed at which authors can deliver value to their readers and audiences.

When you join Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club today, you’re becoming part of a community of authors, entrepreneurs, and experts who amplify influence, launch best-sellers, & open new doors with their books.

This is where you exit the noise of information and enter into a community that helps you leverage your book to unlock your untapped potential.
The end result: You will become an AI Author who thrives on the cutting-edge of technology and leverages this power to amplify your message.
Ready To Join The Writing With Jarvis Insider’s Club?
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Smash through writers’ blocks and go from blank page to published in 7 days or less with unlimited access to The 7 Day Book Challenge course and exclusive Jarvis training ($1,000+ in value and growing each month)
  • ​Slash the time to write a book from months to days with worksheets and templates that take the guesswork out of writing a book.
  • ​Whip your book out lightning fast with the help of Jarvis the AI copywriting assistant.
  • ​Make your book as appetizing as a steak dinner to somebody who hasn’t eaten in 7 days on the marketplace with our cover design templates.
  • ​Jumpstart the book writing process with outline templates from best-selling authors.
  • ​Get clients, customers, and consulting gigs faster than ever because when people read your book they see you as the go-to expert
  • Push towards your goals and the finish line of clicking ‘Publish’ with coaches making sure you get it done on time on weekly calls
  • ​Establish goals and keep you on track to accomplish your goals with daily calls during each live Challenge and ongoing weekly calls currently being held on Wednesday afternoons at 1 PM CST (recordings will be available)
  • ​Extract the book that’s been sitting in your mind for years and finally hold it in your hand.
  • ​Leverage your knowledge and productize it as a marketing asset that grows your business 
  • ​Bring your ideal customers to you on a silver platter by helping them solve a problem through your book
  • ​Save time and money by getting access to the best professional ghostwriters, editors, designers, publishers, and marketers along with member discounts on these services as you need them.
  • ​Peace of mind knowing you have every resource you need to write and publish your book at your fingertips
Your Exclusive Membership Includes:
  • Live calls every week and monthly masterminds 
  • ​Access to the a network of authors, entrepreneurs, and experts on the same path as you.
  • ​Over $1000 (and counting) in Bonus Trainings including The Writing With Jarvis 7 Day Book Challenge, along with access to live calls for every challenge
  • ​Continued accountability with graduates of The 7 Day Book Challenge during the weekly calls
  • ​Member discounts for book publishing and marketing services as you need them
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